23 April 2014
Are we ready?

There seems to be a view that natural disasters don't happen to us. When was the last biggish one? The Lakes and Clutha River flooding? The Alexandra wild fires? 1999, right?We've had a charmed ride, for most of the last ... how long? More

7 February 2014

The dairy industry puts food on the table for a lot of New Zealanders. It also - sometimes - degrades our environment. That we don't seem to be able to reconcile those things, in the best interests of our national well-being, is a real dilemma.Shouting that it's all bad, and has to be stopped, is not a solution. But ignoring the downside is not reasonable, nor sustainable, either. More

11 March
Frocks and flags

What to write about this month? Frock collections are a hot topic. Or water - how come it's a surprise that when people have to pay for something, they stop wasting it? Or rubbish collection - I'm never going to be able to remember when it's my week. I can just see me, and lots of others, trudging up the drive with a smelly bin on the wrong week, month after month More

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