In 1999 I was a member of an extended study tour of 8 Baldrige winners in the USA, a rare privelige afforded few people, and from that trip came 'The Baldrige 8'- case studies and other material that formed the core of the web resources collected at

But we've had site problems, and a scumbag in Japan has been squatting on for the past couple of years (What happened? Hosting plan lapsed without me noticing, the host outfit released it to the market, and a bandit looking to scalp some value registered the name. I took all of the .com material across to I decided to cut loose the legacy material, and re-fresh, re-purpose and republish what's still worthwhile here at

Updated versions of the legacy material, and a heap of other related stuff published in the last 10 years will soon be available here.

I was a member of week 3, 2007 training at NIST's Washington DC HQ, and was also a member of the 2007 New Zealand USA study tour, visiting Richland College, Texas Nameplate, Park Place Lexus and the Texas Award HQ in Dallas, DynMcDermott in New Orleans, and a regional Quest in Seattle.

I'm teaching business excellence as part of the applied business carriculum at New Zealand's Otago Polytechnic.
Baldrige - the context

More than a decade ago, before the dot com boom went bang, and before the run up to the GFC we're still struggling to emerge from, the conventional wisdom was ...

"The Baldrige approach to excellence is one of US business's secret weapons: a key driver of economic strength, deeply entrenched in the business community ... Firms that account for three fifths of the dollar value of the US economy have some connection to Baldrige: as past winners, contributors to the award process, or users the criteria for internal improvement"

I'm not sure whether those assertions still stand; no-one has said otherwise in the decade-long history of Baldrigeplus.

I'm also uncertain about this ...

"Firms that succeed in the Baldrige system significantly outperform the S&P500: performance excellence based on Baldrige pays"

But this I know still to be true ...

If you are serious about doing better, and about helping your organisation do better, whatever it does, then you ought to be serious about Baldrige

Writing an application, working as a member of an application team, applying the Baldrige test to drive improvement in your organisation (or in your life), studying the topic, or just wondering whether you ought to be doing something about this Baldrige thing: whatever your interest, this site will add value to it"

On the front page of the earliest versions of this site we said:

When first confronted with the detailed criteria, Baldrige newcomers usually ask -What do these questions mean? And - what does a good response look like? We set out to provide comprehensive answers to both questions ...

Much of the early material is now outdated, and there are now some very sophisticated application-writing tools that make our pioneering material redundant. This re-purposed site saves what still applies, and points writers to the new tools and techniques.

"This impressive site from New Zealand ..."
Quality Progress UPDATE
No. 34 January 1, 2000

Everything you want to know about the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award can be found at this New Zealand site. Several Baldrige related case studies are included as are "Baldrige Basics," studies illustrating performance excellence concepts, printable Baldrige worksheets and online workshops.
Quality Progress UPDATE
(the most widely read magazine
in the quality field)
No. 41 August 1, 2000