Here's some legacy material that dates back to 2001. Good summary of what was going on, with links to a variety of published material. A sampler - much more coming.

It'll take a while to put all the links back together (finding them will be a challenge)!

pushpin marker The Otago Daily Times announces the election result, and covers the first council meeting
pushpin marker Mayoral Mouth
Sounding off in the Christchurch PRESS
pushpin marker Comment by the Mayor on the Council's draft annual plan for 2002/2003

Central Line columns
A series of articles on contemporary Central Otago topics and themes, written for the Lakes and Central Otago News, a weekly regional newspaper. Why aren't we marching on Wellington? Feeling Good. Brain Drain. Memorials. Wilding Pines. Undiscovered Otago. Waitangi Day. (We make our own) Good Fortune. Mitchells Cottage.

ODT stories
Mayors on bikes!
The Mayor being Mother
Being mayor is not all about meetings and opening new town halls. It also involves those everyday tasks of pouring tea and doing the cleaning.

Southland Times stories
Editorial on the Alexandra Blossom Festival

Speeches by the Mayor
pushpin marker Unveiling Surveyor Thompson
pushpin marker Commissioning Alexandra's flood protection
pushpin marker Opening the 2002 AGM, Central Otago Federation of Country Womens Institute, Cromwell, 11 April 2002
pushpin marker Anzac day
pushpin marker Opening, Texel Sheep Breeders Conference
Golden Gate Lodge Cromwell May 15, 2002
pushpin marker Opening, Alexandra War Memorial Community Centre
and the Senior Citizens' Jordan Lounge. June 16, 2002

Book review
The Lost Ruby Mine, by Brian Jackson

QNewz columns
A series of articles written for the newsletter of the New Zealand Organisation for Quality, on 'quality' and organisational performance themes: Quality is dead, long live quality. The dilemma of innovation, and the tyranny of 'best practice'. The knowing-doing gap. What happens next? Managing knowledge. Quality in education. What goes around comes around. Organisational learning. Management is dead. Customer loyalty. Quality healthcare. Navigating the white space. Killer quotas. Does it matter that women get paid less?

Award is the mayor's free email magazine on ... well, just about everything! Mainly it's about performance; of individuals and organisations, but it traverses a lot of other byways. It began in Januray 2000, goes out about monthly to a world-wide subscriber list of about 2,500 that includes a cross-section of Fortune 500 companies, university professors, government departments, senior leaders and managers and others. The readership probably exceeds 10,000 people. It's free, and it's all here.

Is an email magazine dedicated to making you a better leader, by providing provocative thinking about what it means to be a leader, and the tools, techniques and best-practices that drive leadership improvement. The 24 issues linked from the jump page were originally only available to paying subscribers. The series is 'parked', but may re-appear. Meanwhile, this is a useful resource for anyone with an interest in leadership. Click on the title above.

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