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Issue 1
Sunday, January 16, 2000
The fall and rise of quality
Away from the mainstream
Shameless self-promotion
Quality Today’s on-line resources
Issue 2
Monday, January 24, 2000
Starting out
Turning tacit into explicit information
Five minute master class
Public responsibility and citizenship ... Green Reporting
Local/entry-level awards

Issue 3
Monday, January 31, 2000
Five Minute MasterClass – Baldrige category 5.1, Work Systems
Performance appraisal – lessons from the public sector
Quality in a dot com world
Additions to the Exhibits collection
Issue 4
Friday February 4th 2000
Encouraging email of the week
Link of the week
MCB University Press' ... 'Emerald Now.'
Sydney or Bust
Five minute Master Class – the power of Positive deviants
Issue 5
Sunday February 13th, 2000
Link of the week (Hell, the month!)
... the Townsend & Gebhardt column in Quality Digest.
Conferences are mixed bags
Complain away:
How customer complaints can help you improve your business processes
Quality and the new economy
What is the internet economy? ... supply chain quality.
Issue 6
Sunday February 20th, 2000
Failure to thrive, Six Sigma

Issue 7
Sunday February 27th, 2000
Quality Function Deployment II
Six sigma II The stockholder value of quality awards

Issue 8
Sunday March 5th, 2000
Ten minute master class
What do those numbers you rely on really mean?
Six sigma III

Issue 9
Sunday March 11th, 2000
Ten minute master class - Organisation chart realities
Workplace realities Total Quality in two hours
The continuing story ... Those numbers II, Six sigma IV

Issue 10
Sunday March 19th, 2000
Baldrige rubber hits the road/Dana Corp
Six Sigma V, Dashboard numbers
International notes/Deming in the UK ... ISO-buster Seddon's latest incarnation

Issue 11
Sunday March 26th, 2000
Six Sigma VI

Newsletter Supplement 1
Sunday March 26th, 2000
Issue 12
Sunday April 2nd, 2000
Quality customers
Innovation II
ISO-Busting - the response

Issue 13
Sunday April 9th, 2000
Deming and 'Dancing with Gaia.'
Six Sigma final?

Newsletter Supplement 2
Dotcom quality
The Newsletter came first. It's all here, and more ...

Issue 14
Sunday April 16th, 2000
Best practice blackmail
Troublesome numbers

And, of course, much more ...

Issue 15
Award skeptics

Issue 16
Leadership I

Issue 17
Dotcom leadership

Issue 18
Leadership III - Awards

Issue 19
Innovation, ISO 9000

Issue 20
Reinventing the (Baldrige) wheel
New newsletter announcement